Grape & Olive Smokehouse

Chef Paul Laforet

Growing up in Orangeville, Ontario I didn’t always know I wanted to be a Chef but I knew I loved to cook and that I thrived in the restaurant atmosphere. The hustle & bustle, the staff comradery and the creative outlet that cooking provided, were all very exciting to me. When I turned 19, I knew I had to make my move to Toronto to attend culinary school and turn my passion into a career.

Throughout college and the years following, I worked in various restaurants and event centers, including The Art Gallery of Ontario and Beerbistro.

It wasn’t long before I became a Sous Chef at the very popular, Drake Hotel on Queen West.

After many years of hard work and dedication, I then became the Executive Chef of the Senator Diner and Winebar in downtown Toronto. 

During my time in Toronto, I got married and became a father of two wonderful children; I have grown a lot as a person and a Chef in these years and am now ready for a new adventure. I am excited to join the team at The Best Western Inn and Conference Center in Orillia as the Executive Chef, sharing both my passion and knowledge with the community.02A9586 300x200 Chef Paul Laforet


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